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The Best Movies From Around the World That Don't Exist and the People Who Don't Exist that Made Them. 

James Napoli, author of The Official Dictionary of Sarcasm, and Heidi Mastrogiovanni, author of the LaLa Pettibone Book Series are your hosts for this irreverent, mind-bending movie profile show featuring reviews, exclusive movie clips and interviews with some of the most important non-existent properties and people in the entertainment business. 


Unemployed Screenwriters Tired of Constantly Revising Outdated Technology in Their Scripts

Apr 29, 2019

Remember floppy disks? So does screenwriter Paul Unguent, whose 1999 unproduced high-tech thriller spec script East of the Grid relied heavily on references to these data storage units. Only trouble is, we are now in the 21st Century, and that means Unguent is tasked with the job of going into his old script, which he...

Apr 24, 2019

James and Heidi have a gas profiling this blast of a film. You'll hear about the wunderkind director who is not afraid to ask the universal romantic question: "How far would you be willing to go to sustain a relationship founded on chronic flatulence?" Get ready to explode with emotion.  

Before the Stench poster

Apr 17, 2019

Heidi and James welcome the power couple (oh, wait, they hate being called a power couple--they are way too edgy and non-corporate for that) who made a movie about the man fighting to live on the last tiny speck of undeveloped land in the world. Again, our guests are totally non-corporate. Really. You'll see. 

Raiders of the Lost Generation Poster

Movies Not Movies Exclusive: Netflix to Share Viewers Fast-Forwarding Habits with Filmmakers

Apr 15, 2019

Film and television content creators are bracing their egos for the latest innovation in streaming video technology. An anonymous source at Netflix has told MoviesNotMovies that the streaming entertainment giant will soon let makers of TV shows and movies know at what point viewers have given up on their lame-ass...

Apr 10, 2019

James and Heidi welcome Jake Guylenhall and Reese Witherfork to discuss the hottest topic in crime movies today: why so many movie cops live in lofts. Listeners will not fail to be moved by the exclusive movie clips in this episode, which feature a cop--and others--in a loft. 

cops in lofts poster