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The Best Movies From Around the World That Don't Exist and the People Who Don't Exist that Made Them. 

James Napoli, author of The Official Dictionary of Sarcasm, and Heidi Mastrogiovanni, author of the LaLa Pettibone Book Series are your hosts for this irreverent, mind-bending movie profile show featuring reviews, exclusive movie clips and interviews with some of the most important non-existent properties and people in the entertainment business. 


Mar 27, 2019

Heidi and James go deep for a profile of this boundary-busting family film from Dalt Wisney studios. A certain "Benecio" is among the in-studio guests who take us behind the scenes at a movie about the unsung heroes of the ocean. Sharks. Oh, and Shark Whisperers, too, sure. 

Bonus Content: An Asshole in Love Interview

Mar 22, 2019

Asshole in Love poster

In the Movies Not Movies profile of the documentary An Asshole in Love, director and star Michael Zungolo behaved like an asshole around several citizens of towns named 'Love.' Two of those most deeply shocked and morally compromised by the documentarian were Mayor Strickland of Love, Mississippi, who endured insults...

Mar 19, 2019

James and Heidi welcome their most challenging movie yet! Wherein the protagonist only ever says one word: "Oh!"  You know, like the mobsters in movies when they throw up their hands in utter disbelief at something untoward that just happened. Listen to this one, or...fuhgettaboutit! 


Mar 8, 2019

Heidi and James rock out with a movie about a hair band doing community service at a nursing facility. They also welcome legendary, ageless actress Helen Murren to the show, along with the guy who plays Quiff. Oh, and there's a song called "Sponge Bath." You'll see. 

An Interview with Casablanca: Age of Ultron Director Franklin I. McLeod

Mar 1, 2019

Movies Not Movies sat down for a bonus interview with our in-studio guest from the Casablanca: Age of Ultron podcast episode, Franklin I. McLeod. The legendary director opened up about his career and his approach to filmmaking. 

Movies Not Movies: Franklin I. McLeod. You worked on some of the most iconic movies of...